Worried About the Cost of Chiropractic Care in Fort Collins?

We understand that the cost of alternative healthcare can be a worry to some. But believe it or not, chiropractic care is extremely affordable. In fact many studies have shown that chiropractic treatment is a highly cost-effective and non-invasive treatment option for many conditions, including neck and back pain, sciatic pain, tennis elbow, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel, joint pain; spinal disc issues and auto accident injuries. Furthermore chiropractic care can give you relief from many common medical ailments and help you recover from injury faster than just taking pain medication alone.payment-options2

We do accept many major medical health insurance plans, as well as auto accident cases. However for those with high deductibles or no chiropractic benefits, we do also offer an affordable time of service cash discount for your care.

At Aspen Wellness Center, your health is our top priority. Don’t let fears about the cost of chiropractic prevent you from getting the relief you need. Take charge of your health and call us at (970) 223-4422 for a free consultation.