Do You Wake Up Stiff and Sore In the Morning?


Have you noticed lately that you are waking up stiff and sore in the morning?  Unfortunately this can be caused by many underlying issues. Here are some suggestions on how to best get rid of pesky aches and pains.

  1. Replace An Old Mattress.  If your mattress is over 10-years old, is sagging in the middle or you wake up sore in the morning, then it’s probably time to replace it.  Patients tell me that even their pricier mattresses such as Tempurpedic or Sleep Number bed usually have to be replaced years before the 20-year warranty is up.  Just because you spend a lot of money on a mattress doesn’t mean it will last forever.  Also keep in mind that most people do better with a firmer mattress.
  2. Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach.   As we age, sleeping on our stomachs can cause a lot of undue neck and back pain.  If you are currently a side sleeper , try sleeping on your side or back instead.  It might take some getting used to, but you will eventually have much less neck and back issues in the long run.  You can also use a contoured knee pillow that will help relieve any pressure on your low back as well.
  3. Get Regular Chiropractic Care and Medical Massage.  If you have underlying postural problems, it could easily make you feel stiff and sore any time of the day.  Getting routine chiropractic care and medical massage may help reduce any annoying aches and pains you might be currently experiencing.

Michael O. Kleker, DC has been practicing chiropractic and acupuncture for over 30 years in the Front Range area.  He specializes in treating chronic and acute neck and back pain through gentle, effective treatment methods.  Please contact us at (970) 377-1775 if you would like a consultation regarding your condition.