Tips For Tackling Flu Season


It’s officially flu season again and while getting a flu shot seems to be a headline topic with every major media source, we’re happy to tell you that there are actually several simple, easy ways to naturally boost your immune system from the inside out.



1.Eat Raw Garlic. Garlic has many antimicrobial and immune boosting benefits. But be careful about cooking it, as the natural good qualities will be negated.

2.Take Natural Immune Supplements.  Fight colds, flu and other nasty viruses head on by taking our highly popular Immune Plus by Progena.  This is a seasonal favorite with so many of our patients. who have reported a significant reduction in symptoms if they took it right away when they first started feeling sick.

3.Get Enough Sleep. Most of us get caught up in over committing ourselves during the holiday rush.  Setting aside time to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night helps up to boost our immune system and stay healthy.

4.Watch Your Alcohol Intake.  While drinking alcohol can initially seem to relax us at first, it actually impairs our immunity as well.

5.Get Regular Chiropractic Care.  Studies show that people who receive regular chiropractic care catch less flu and cold viruses.  Your Fort Collins Chiropractor can give you the outstanding care you need to keep your body and your immune system aligned.

Here at Aspen Wellness Center, we are always here to help you stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Call us today at (970) 377-1775 for more information or to schedule a wellness visit.