Tips On Tackling Flu Season Naturally


It’s officially flu and cold season again, and while the pharmaceutical and medical industries are urging the public to get their flu shot, we’re happy to share a few tips on how to beat nasty viruses from the inside out the natural way.




1.Eat Raw Garlic. Raw garlic has many antimicrobial and immune boosting properties.  Cooking it dilutes the benefits somewhat, but is still a great way to keep viruses at bay.

2.Take Immune Boosting Supplements.  For years we have stocked one of our most popular supplements, Immune Plus by Progena.  For years, patients have reported that they experienced a significant reduction in cold and flu symptoms when they started taking Immune Plus at the onset of feeling sick.

3.Get Plenty of Sleep.  This time of year most of us get caught up in over committing ourselves during the holiday rush.  By setting aside plenty of time to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night will allow our bodies to regenerate and boost our immune systems.

4.Watch the Alcohol.  While that glass or two of wine can initially seem to be relaxing, it can also act as an immunosuppressant as well.

5.Get Regular Chiropractic Care. Studies show that patients who received routine chiropractic care had to miss fewer days at work due to illness. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor can help both your spine and your immune system stay in line this season.

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