“Selfie Elbow and “Text Neck” Are Now Real Medical Conditions

Adding to our growing list of 21st century issues, “selfie-elbow” and “text neck” are becoming actual medical conditions that have been on the rise for years with the onset of rapidly developing and technology that’s more easily accessible.
Selfie-elbow” pain is brought on by constant selfie taking with one’s smart phone. People will keep their elbow bent in one position for extended periods of time while firmly gripping their phone in order to get the perfect “selfie”. As a result, this can cause overuse injuries and inflammation due to strain on the tendons and muscles that run along your arm to your elbow.
Chronic neck pain brought on by“Text neck” occurs when people are constantly staring down at their smart phone or tablet for extended periods of time, which causes strain on the spinal discs, muscles and joints.
Seeing that our bodies are not designed for such repetitive activities, the increasing social habit to always stay digitally connected is beginning to make its mark in the medical world. As these conditions become more prevalent, doctors, physical therapists and orthopedic specialists are prescribing pain medication and therapy to help combat these conditions in record numbers.
So how do you make sure you can enjoy your digital world without experiencing any pain? Be sure to stretch and strengthen your body, especially your neck, shoulders, arms and wrists each day. Plus, a regular exercise routine can help improve circulation and blood flow. You could also try purchasing a selfie stick and schedule daily time-outs from your phone, computer or tablet. However, one of the most important things you can do is to get routine chiropractic adjustments and even medical massage to combat any pain, stiffness or tension caused by these chronic conditions. Call us today at (970) 377-1775 for a free consultation or to set up an appointment.