Revolutionary Treatment for Northern Colorado Athletes

Finding non-surgical solutions to running and various sports injuries has become crucial in recent years to how we handle training, recovery and healing. Dr. Michael Kleker has been a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic since 1979. He has witnessed first hand the evolving role over the years that chiropractic care has taken in treating competitive athletes in any sport.

 In his practice at Aspen Wellness Center, Dr. Kleker often treats injured kids who are involved in local sports, as well as experienced adult athletes. His approach to care encompasses pain relief, as well as treating bio-mechanical issues and repetitive use injuries, which helps to increase sports performance and prevent further injury.

 In fact when treating an injured patient, Dr. Kleker may use different protocol to help re-balance and heal the system. Oftentimes after an intense workout, muscle soreness can be caused by simple mechanical damage to muscle fibers and/or inflammation. Electrical acupuncture and myofascial release therapy can help relieve painful trigger points, muscle strains or spasms.

 Therapeutic exercises and stretching can help to not only warm the muscles up, but can help drain the lymphatic system and get rid of metabolic wastes that often build up during exercising. When done appropriately, certain stretches can also help retrain the muscles to fire in the proper sequence so that further injury can be prevented.

Nutritional supplementation can have many benefits such as relieving joint pain or muscle spasms, helping to repair cellular physiology, and restore electrolyte balance. Another common example are girl athletes who become anemic and have low iron levels. When this occurs they won’t have the oxygen-carrying capacity to perform well. Nutritional support can help them have a much more positive outcome.

Most people think that a Doctor of Chiropractic just treats the spine. They don’t realize that they also study the same diagnostic protocol and undergo much of the same exact academic curriculum as in medical school. They also take extensive classes in biochemistry, cardiovascular, neurology, orthopedics and nutrition, among others.

Today even professional athletes in increasing numbers are turning to chiropractic care to help them reach and maintain their peak performance levels. So if you are currently an athlete and want to improve your performance, recover faster from your workouts, develop well- balanced muscles, reduce sports-related injuries and have a better functioning nervous system, call our office at (970) 223-4422 for a free consultation.