Body Sport Lumbar Support Cushion

Helps prevent pack strain by providing outstanding lumbar support.  Also lets you relax while driving, sitting or resting.



Designed to last for many years.  Regular usage can provide a low-impact aerobic workout, improve balance, coordination and mobility, strengthen and tone muscles and improve posture.  Multiple sizes available.


Pelvic Stress Wedge

Release pressure on discs and nerves while sitting and driving. This product is constructed of quality high density foam. May be used in either direction to slope pelvic forward or posteriorward depending on patient tolerance. This item is perfect for home, office and automobile use.


Thera Cane

Therapeutic massager that is ergonomically designed to apply pressure to treat muscular aches and pains. Therapists and doctors from many specialties are making the Thera Cane an integral part of treatment for their patients who suffer from muscular pain and discomfort.