Reasons to Get Acupuncture in 2012

Why should you get acupuncture in 2012?  Here are some compelling reasons to consider this ancient alternative treatment  in a nutshell.

1.) Improved Health and Quality of Life

Acupuncture works with the body’s energy systems and treats the whole body system.  Unlike conventional treatments, it does not just mask or solely treat the symptoms.

2.) Scientific Proof That it Works

Acupuncture has been proven extremely effective in treating various medical condtions through thousands of clinical trials worldwide.  Its use has been expanded into conventional medicine practices as well and more clinics are offering it as a service.
3.) Stress Reduction

In today’s modern world we often suffer from stress-related conditions due to hectic lifestyles, taking on too much, poor diet, etc.   Acupuncture not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety but can also increase mental clarity, restore proper hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system.

4.) Pain Reduction

Acupuncture can have amazing results in treating migraines, arthritis, joint sprains/strains, menstrual pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis,  back pain, etc.   We’ve seen it all firsthand here at our clinic in Ft. Collins.

5.) Reduction of O-T-C Drugs and Medical Prescriptions

With certain health conditions, acupuncture can be safely and effectively reduce or eliminate the need to take drugs to control pain symptoms.

If you have any questions about acupuncture and you may be interested in it for you, please feel free to contact me  at or (970) 223-4422.