Proof That Chiropractic Care Saves Employers and Insurance Company Money


Did you know that on average chiropractic care costs anywhere from one fourth to half the expense of the other forms of traditional medical care?

A 9-year study conducted by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine focused on lower back pain of over ten thousand patients and the cost difference between physical therapy, family doctor visits and specialist care versus, chiropractic treatment to treat the problem.

The study concluded that chiropractic care healed the lower back pain in a shorter amount of time than the other traditional medical treatments and saved patients a significant amount of money without the use of medications.

Here at Aspen Wellness Center we are committed to giving you the best chiropractic treatment for your low back pain for the best value.  We understand your time is important, so that’s why you get treated promptly with almost no waiting time so you can get feeling better and get on your way.


1.     Allen H, Wright M, Craig T, et al. Tracking low back problems in a major self-insured workforce. J Occup Environ Med; epub ahead of print May 21, 2014.