Play It Safe When Decorating for Christmas

New hospital research shows that there is a rise in traumatic injury cases during the holidays and that we must all exercise caution while installing Christmas lights.

There has been a steady increase of sustained life-threatening injuries over the last 10 years as a result of people falling while installing Christmas lights, according to the study. A small minority have fatal injuries, while others suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal fractures, broken ribs and broken limbs.

Minimize the risks of falling while installing Christmas lights by observing these safety precautions:

-Understand the risks involved in what you’re undertaking and have a plan
-Be sure to always work with a partner.
-Wear foot wear that stablizes your feet and ankles.
-Avoid installing lights in icy or inclement conditions.
-Use a high-quality, sturdy ladder.
-Don’t overreach. Move the ladder into a safe position.
-Make sure the ladder is securely positioned at all times and braced by a partner.
-Be aware of maintaining your balance at all times and take care while moving up and down ladders or on rooftops.
-Get regular chiropractic treatments to keep your spine aligned and to help your body keep its balance.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!