October is National Chiropractic Health Month!


October is one of our favorite months, as it happens to be National Chiropractic Health Month! If you’ve been curious about how all the beneficial ways chiropractic can help reduce pain, increase mobility and improve both your health and, quality of life, this is a great month to increase your knowledge!

Do You Experience Chronic Pain?

Many people experience chronic neck and back pain, and in the United States here is an epidemic of excessive opioid pain medications prescriptions . While pain medicine is sometimes necessary, the majority of patients can find relief from chronic pain through safe, effective and conservative chiropractic treatment. In fact, chiropractic care has successfully helped many people find pain relief with less medication or no medication at all.

A Conservative Approach to Treatment

At Aspen Wellness Center, chiropractic is considered a conservative care for people with chronic neck or back pain because it uses natural and non-invasive therapies to help relieve symptoms.

Dr. Kleker has had extensive training to finely tune their detective skills to help you find relief from back pain. Through detailed evaluation, he will work to find the reason behind your pain or health issues and then come up with a plan to help resolve your symptoms.

If you do have a pre-existing medical condition, Dr. Kleker is also qualified to work in conjunction with other physicians and/or specialists in order to help you get the best care you can.

In honor of National Chiropractic Health month in October, call us today at (970) 377-1775 to discover how this natural, non-invasive treatment can help your body function at its best and heal itself.