Fort Collins Chiropractor Explains 5 Tips to Manage Out-of-Control Stres

Everyone knows that diet, exercise and eliminating tobacco products are crucial factors in lowering the risk of stroke and heart disease. But another important factor is also managing stress levels. Research has shown that stress can lead to physiological responses such as a release of hormones that can cause higher blood pressure, anxiety, physical pain and sleep problems. Research shows that if stress isn’t managed properly, it is often associated with causing other health issues such as weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, overeating and increased alcohol consumption.

With most people’s to-do lists can often be a mile long, stress from daily life cannot always be avoided. Balancing responsibilities such as job duties, child or family care and self care will usually always be there. However it can be beneficial to learn when to turn down extra obligations that can contribute to an over-scheduled calendar. Your Fort Collins chiropractor offers the following tips to help make your stress much more manageable:

1. Breathe Deeply. Take a few minutes during the day to focus on filling your lungs deeply with oxygen and exhaling slowly, envisioning the stress blowing away. Even ten deep breaths can relax your entire body.

2. Move. Even if you only have ten or fifteen minutes a day, move your body. Physical activity not only releases endorphins that help you feel good, but is also a great way to release muscle tension. Taking a walk and removing yourself from a stressful situation can help your mind refocus so you can handle it better.

3. Have Some Fun. Oftentimes when our schedule is over-packed, spending time with friends or loved ones when our to-list is one of the first things to go by the wayside. However making time to hang out with those you love is a great way to laugh, unwind and manage stress at the same time.

4. Relax. Make time each day to take time for yourself and relax. Read a book, do yoga, meditate, a foot rub or take a hot bath with Epsom salts are all great ways for self care.

5.Receive Chiropractic Care. Stress on the body can lead to muscle tension and spasms, which cal lead to spinal misalignment. Your Fort Collins chiropractor can detect and adjust these misalignments, which can improve on body aches and pains and help the body function more optimally.

Daily stress may be unavoidable, but managing the negative side effects are not. Learn to deal with stress effectively to reduce the damaging effects on the body to help improve your quality of life.