Can Chiropractic Help Relieve Sciatic Pain?

Sept Blog – Addressing Sciatica
christine evans 9/04/14
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If you have pain, weakness, numbness and/or tingling (pins and needles sensation) that radiates down the legs, chances are you are suffering from a condition called sciatica. Sciatica is pain that is felt in the lower back or buttocks that travels to one or both legs. For some people the pain may begin slowly then gradually become quite severe and debilitating. It is caused when the sciatic nerve is compressed, which then causes inflammation and the referred pain. This common problem is usually a symptom of an underlying condition like subluxation, bone spurs or a herniated disc. It can also be triggered by the jolt of a trauma, a strong sneeze or sitting for long hours on a wallet.

Treatment plans will often vary depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Taking pain medication can temporarily reduce pain but does not treat the underlying problem. On the other hand chiropractic offers an effective, non-invasive and drug free treatment option. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore spinal movement, thereby improving muscular function while decreasing pain and inflammation. Depending on the cause of the sciatica, a chiropractic treatment plan may cover several different treatment methods, including spinal adjustments, acupuncture, ice or heat therapy and rehabilitative exercises. Medical massage is another highly effective treatment that can help ease tight muscles that may be compressing the sciatic nerve and causing structural imbalances that can eventually lead to this painful condition.

There are ways you can improve your spinal health and your posture to help prevent sciatica from occurring all together.

• Maintain a healthy diet and weight
• Exercise regularly
• Maintain proper posture
• Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest
•Use good body mechanics when lifting

Most of importantly, don’t wait for sciatica pain to go away on its own. Make a chiropractic appointment as soon as you begin experiencing any pain. The quicker you receive treatment the sooner your body will be able to heal so that you can enjoy all of your usual daily activities.

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