4 Nutritional Tips That Help Heal Injuries Faster


We all know that chiropractic adjustments can safely and effectively relieve neck and back pain. The overall premise is to return the body to its natural alignment by removing spinal subluxations, which can help to heal the root cause of many problems.

Spinal adjustments, however, aren’t necessarily the Holy Grail for total health. It’s essential for chiropractic patients to also make adjustments in their everyday lives as well. By doing so, they’ll maximize the effects of their chiropractic treatments, and experience better overall health in general.

Nutrition is one of the biggest factors and plays a large role in a patient’s recovery. The old adage, “you are what you eat” is true. Feeding the body with vital vitamins and minerals promotes growth and healing. Filling up on fried, fatty foods does the opposite.

Here are four nutritional tips every chiropractic patient should follow:

1. Watch your calories.

Individuals recovering from spinal or other injuries heal quicker when they avoid carrying excess weight. This is especially true if the injury has sidelined them from normal physical exercise.

Choose lean cuts of meat and fresh fruits and vegetables and practice portion control. A diet with few excess calories offers the dual benefit of helping you avoid packing on the pounds and helping you heal faster.

2. Pay attention to calcium intake.

Bones need calcium for strength, so it should be a priority to consume foods that are rich with it. In fact, the four most calcium-rich foods are dark leafy greens, low-fat cheese, milk, and yogurt.

If you are visiting your Fort Collins Chiropractor for issues or conditions concerning your bones or nerves, he may recommend that you introduce these foods into your diet as soon as possible.

3. Make protein a priority.

Muscle injuries are one of the most popular reasons for chiropractic visits. Protein helps build and heal muscle tissue, helping it to renew itself back to a pre-injury state.

If your daily intake of protein is low, it can hinder the healing process and stand in the way of chiropractic visits giving you the maximum results. Fish and lean meats are the foods that offer the highest protein.

Other vegetarian options are tofu, soybeans, eggs, milk, and nuts. Help your muscles rebuild and heal by adding high protein foods into every meal menu.

4. Stay hydrated.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps promote healing. Water provides an entire slew of benefits, from transporting those important nutrients to where they need to be, to flushing harmful toxins out of the body. Aim for eight glasses of water throughout the day. If you find drinking plain water difficult, try adding slices of lemon or cucumber to give it flavor. Getting into this habit will boost overall health, and promote healing of injuries and other medical conditions.

While it’s a smart goal to try to ingest all the nutrients you need through food and drink, supplements are available to bridge the gap. Before beginning a supplement regimen, talk to Dr. Kleker for recommendations on the type and dosage that will aid and improve your unique situation.

You may also want to download a smartphone app to track your daily intake of calories, calcium, protein and liquid. There are many available, one being My Fitness Pal. Easy and free to use, this is a powerful tool to keep you on the right nutritional track.

Making the commitment to chiropractic treatment with your Northern Colorado Chiropractor is a big step in the right direction for your overall health and well-being. Incorporate these nutritional tips to your daily routine in order to get the most out of your chiropractic care. Call us today at (970) 377-1775 for a free consultation!

5 Key Ways Expectant Mothers Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy is an exciting, precious time in a woman’s life, full of new experiences. Unfortunately, the baby’s development brings about bodily changes that often wreak havoc on the back and joints, and end up causing pain. These issues also frequently cause issues during delivery, and increase the time it takes for the body to recover post-pregnancy.

Expectant moms benefit from chiropractic care in a number of ways. Here are five key ways chiropractic care helps alleviate the toll pregnancy takes on a woman’s body.

#1: Chiropractic keeps the spine in alignment

Pregnancy adds significant additional weight to a woman’s body in a short amount of time. This change bears on the spine, frequently pulling it out of alignment.

When this happens, the pain can be quite severe. Chiropractic care during pregnancy works to keep the spine in alignment and all supporting tendons working optimally, to be better prepared and able to adequately support the extra weight.

#2: Chiropractic reduces need for pain relievers.

Most times, individuals experiencing moderate pain pop a couple of over the counter pain relievers and think nothing of it. However, pregnant women strive to avoid medications when possible.

Chiropractic adjustments with your Fort Collins Chiropractor decrease the underlying issues that cause pain, so the patient relies less on medications. Experiencing less pain as well as eliminating the need for pain-killers is a win-win situation for expectant mothers.

#3: Chiropractic strengthens and repairs joints.

Pregnancy really beats up an expectant mother’s joints. Chiropractic care for expectant mothers is a productive way to minimize the effect the large, protruding abdomen has on her hips, legs, and ankles.

Dr. Kleker treats the body as a whole and works to strengthen the body and promotes healing of injured or strained areas.

#4: Chiropractic helps achieve pelvic alignment.

An aligned pelvis is critical to the birthing process and increases the chances of being able to give birth naturally. According to the American Pregnancy Association, when the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint. A misaligned pelvis may also make it difficult for the baby to get into the best possible position for delivery. This can affect the mother;s ability to have a natural, non-invasive birth.

An experienced and well-trained chiropractor, such as Dr. Mike Kleker, can effectively align the pelvis before delivery, so the mother is able to deliver with little incident.

#5: Chiropractic increases the body’s ability to bounce back.

Let’s face it, every pregnant woman wonders if she will ever fit into her old clothes again. The healthier and stronger a woman’s body is before and during pregnancy, the easier it is to get back into shape once the baby is born. Eating right and safely exercising are effective ways to accomplish this.

Chiropractic care is also a valuable component to fitness. Expectant mothers who choose chiropractic enjoy better posture, less pain, and increased mobility, especially late in the third trimester.

This allows them to maintain exercise routines and be active longer than those suffering from back pain and achy joints. After the delivery, it’s easier to get back into a fitness routine if the new mother’s joints, back, and hips are aligned and functioning properly.

Chiropractic care can serve to reduce pain and increase the overall health of expectant mothers, letting her relax and focus on the more pleasant aspects of pregnancy. Expecting women who commit to chiropractic care can look forward to a stronger body, the chances of a smoother delivery, and an easier recovery after the baby comes. Call us today at (970) 377-1775 for a free consultation on how Dr. Kleker can help you have a healthy and pain-free pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care Reduces Sciatic Pain, Promotes Healing


Have you been experiencing pain along one side of your body from your lower back down through your hip and the back of your leg? If so, you could be suffering from a condition called sciatica.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sciatica can best be described as most commonly occurring when a herniated disk or a bone spur on the spine compresses part of the nerve. This causes inflammation, pain and often some numbness in the affected leg. However, realistically, there are a variety of issues weigh in on an individual’s likelihood of ending up with sciatica. Most of them deal with increased pressure on the spine.

Obesity: carrying too much weight is instrumental in bringing on a number of health related issues. Extra pounds overload the spine, causing excess pressure, and sometimes even damage to the discs, that results in sciatica.

Improper lifting: Individuals who frequently twist the bodies and lift heavy loads are more likely to suffer from sciatica. Certain jobs that require these movements are a key cause of the condition.

Sedentary lifestyle: A person’s job does not have to involve lifting to be responsible for this condition. Sitting for extended periods without stretching or standing puts excess pressure on the spine and can cause sciatica.

Physical Age: Getting older can affect all of our body’s joints and bones in a negative manner, especially if we never committed to an exercise routing. An individual’s back often deteriorates with age, causing bone spurs and herniated disks that sometimes result in sciatica.

Treatment options for sciatica are varied, and the choice depends on the severity of the condition.

Pain medication:
A common and easy way to treat sciatica is through the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, which are frequently used to reduce the inflammation around the nerve which is the source of pain. Over-the-counter pain medicines, as well as codeine, may also help with pain management.

Alternative therapies like acupuncture have shown positive results in the treatment of sciatica. If a drug-free treatment option appeals to you, Dr. Mike Kleker is a highly trained and experienced acupuncturist who can help reduce the pain and inflammation you may be experiencing.

Strengthening exercises: A consistent exercise program strengthens your muscles and helps the body function effectively. Ask Dr. Kleker which exercises assist the body with healing from sciatic pain.

Supplements: Supplying the body with vital vitamins and minerals assists in overall health in general, including improvement from sciatica. Daily doses of supplements such as calcium, magnesium, St. John’s Wort, and Vitamin B12 have shown to treat sciatica effectively.

Chiropractic care: Your Fort Collins Chiropractor understands all things spine-related, and he will work with the body as a whole to help it heal itself. Chiropractic treatment is safe for sciatica and works to align the spine and reduce the stress to the lower back. Treatment helps alleviate the underlying causes of the condition and shows positive results in a short amount of time.

Dealing with sciatica is painful and irritating, as the condition often sidelines the sufferer from daily activities. By knowing the treatment options that are effective in combating both the underlying causes and the pain of sciatica, sufferers can begin a regimen that will help them get back on their feet, pain-free in the shortest period of time possible.

If you are suffering from sciatica and would like to talk to an experienced chiropractor about how to treat the condition, contact us today at (970) 377-1775 to schedule a free consultation or appointment.

The Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


Did you know that infusing your water with a fresh lemon gives it numerous health benefits?

The reason why is because lemon juice is packed with numerous nutrients, ranging from vitamin C to calcium, potassium, and iron. It also contains certain antimicrobial agents, allowing it to enhance your immune system.

It also helps to:
1. reduce dehydration
2. relieve constipation
3. help with weight loss efforts
4. may help prevent reduce painful kidney stones from forming.

June Is Scoliosis Awareness Month

Slide 1 Mother and Son

Scoliosis is the medical term for a sideways curve in one or more segments of the spine becomes abnormally rotated and develops a sideways curve. Often there is no discernible cause for this type of deformity and it will be diagnosed as idiopathic scoliosis.

Typically, idiopathic scoliosis is categorized by the age at which the deformity developed:

1. Infantile idiopathic scoliosis: develops from birth to 3 years old
2. Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis: develops from 4 to 9 years old
3. Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: develops from 10 to 18 years old

Children with mild scoliosis treated with chiropractic adjustments have shown a reduction in their spinal curvature, according to the findings of a three-year, $143,000 study funded by the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research.

Analysis and Procedures

The study was conducted at Life Chiropractic College West’s public clinic in Hayward, California. X-rays were taken of the children standing, from posterior to anterior, using a rigorous positioning protocol. The participants were given full-spine adjustments, typically once to three times a week over a one year period. Particular attention was on the sacroiliac joints, the lowest segment in the curve, the apex of the curve, and segments above the curve that reacted compensatorily to the primary curve, including the cervical spine.

Prior to the adjustments, muscle work was done to the paraspinal muscles of the curve. Additionally, if the x-ray analysis found pelvic tilt, heel-lifts were provided to level the pelvis. The children were encouraged to exercise regularly, including hanging by the hands to flex the spine to open the concavity of the curve.


Of the 150 children who qualified for the study, 40 completed the one-year course of care and had follow-up x-rays. Preliminary results indicate an average reduction of 1.4 degrees in the curvature of the subjects’ spines; the children less than 10 years old showed an average improvement of 2.6 degrees; those over 10, showed an average improvement of 0.9 degrees.

A preliminary observation was made of a high incidence of pelvic tilt to the side of convexity in children with lumbar curves, however, there is no quantitative data on this observation.

The researchers noted that their lack of a control group “hampers an interpretation,” but their intent was to study the effect of chiropractic care on the “curve itself, and the results are very promising.”

The researchers pointed out that the medical community does not offer treatment for spinal curves of less than 20 degrees, and indeed often doesn’t even consider such variance as scoliosis. While the researchers assert that many questions remain to be answered about chiropractic care and scoliosis, they note: “Chiropractic appears to offer a distinct advantage in the management and monitoring of early stage scoliosis.”

Source: Dynamic Chiropractic

The Benefits of Joining A Walking Club


Everyone knows the health benefits of walking. But did you know there are also many great benefits to joining a walking club? Some of these benefits include: 

1. Safety in numbers.
2. Good choice of group walking routes.
3. Meeting other walkers and walking partners.
4.Sharing tips on walking technique, shoes, gear.
Participating in organized walking activities, trips, social events.
5. More support most likely means you will stick with it

How To Find and Join a Walking Club.

1. Mall walking clubs concentrate on walking laps indoors for exercise. Check online at www.meetup.com group or even your local Senior Center for a list of groups available to join.

2. Medical centers and health clubs are good places to contact to find local walking clubs, as many sponsor walking groups for people of all age groups

3. Your local running shoe store may have brochures and publications which list walking and running clubs. Often stores have their own running and walking club that meets regularly to run and walk together.

4. Colorado has a plethora of walking charity events to join. Check out a list of events or walking groups that are near you on www.active.com

5. Fitness App Virtual Clubs that utilize Fitbit and other trackers or smartphone apps. It’s a great way to connect with friends and family to challenge and support each other.

6. Join a national AVA Volkssport Walking Club, which has become very popular in the US over the last 10 years. For more information, check out this fact sheet: http://www.ava.org/What_We_Are_About/AVA_Fact_Sheet.pdf, as well as their website: http://www.ava.org

And of course, it’s important to remember to make routine chiropractic care the foremost priority of your fitness program. Keeping your spine aligned can mean faster recovery from injuries, less shin splints and a much more enjoyable workout routine overall.

Relieve Piriformis Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

piriformis-syndromeA small muscle located deep in the buttocks, the piriformis muscle performs the essential function of rotating the leg outwards. Piriformis Syndrome is a painful condition that occurs when the piriformis muscle is tight and intrudes upon the sciatic nerve in the buttocks. Causing pain and tenderness and sometimes numbness in the buttocks, piriformis syndrome pain may also radiate down the sufferer’s leg, and in some cases, even into the calf.

There are two commonly identifiable potential causes for piriformis syndrome. One is sitting for prolonged periods of time, which can cause tightening of the muscle. The second cause is an injury to the buttocks, either by a fall, an accident, or a sports injury. Trauma causes the piriformis muscle to swell and irritate the sciatic nerve. Spasms can also cause piriformis syndrome, however, the underlying cause of the spasms frequently remains unknown.

Unfortunately, once an individual has suffered from piriformis syndrome, the condition can recur periodically, usually brought on by too much exercise or sitting for a long time without stretching. Whatever the initial cause, piriformis syndrome treatment options are vital in relieving the painful symptoms and healing the condition.

These four treatment options are frequently used to treat piriformis syndrome.

Medication. Over-the-counter or prescribed pain medicines, anti-inflammatory drugs, or muscle relaxers frequently serve to reduce the pain from piriformis syndrome. A doctor may also inject medicine directly into the piriformis muscle to improve the condition.

Moist Heat. A common way to relax tight muscles is to apply moist heat, such as in a rice pack that can be heated up in the microwave. Piriformis syndrome sufferers may find relief from painful symptoms by periodically applying heat directly to the tender area. Moint heat therapy may relieve the tightness of the muscle and promote healing of the entire area. However, it’s important to avoid treating the muscle with heat if there is a chance the muscle may be torn.

Exercise. The overall cause of the condition is a tight piriformis muscle, so it stands to reason a proper exercise regimen will loosen the muscle and alleviate the symptoms associated with piriformis syndrome. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor can prescribe the correct exercises to stretch and subsequently strengthen the muscles and the body’s other muscles. A strong body will reduce the chances of the issue recurring down the road.

Therapy. Used with other types of treatment or on their own, these types of therapies are popular because of their effectiveness, as well as the fact they are drug-free ways to gain relief from the pain. Medical Massage is a commonly used therapy for piriformis syndrome, as it helps increase blood flow to the area. The massage therapist can manipulate the area to relieve the tightness of the muscle.

Chiropractic Care. Dr. Mike Kleker views the body in its entirety, and will often treat other parts of the body, such as a foot or leg, in order to improve the condition of the piriformis muscle. He may also utilize a regimen of pelvic and spinal adjustments and/or acupuncture along with joint manipulation and stretching to loosen up the muscle and help heal the afflicted area.

As stated earlier, once the condition has been controlled and the area has healed, it’s vital to take precautions to avoid re-aggravating the area. Proper warm up before exercise, periodic breaks when sitting, and maintaining spinal and pelvic alignment will increase an individual’s chances of living free of the pain of piriformis syndrome in the future.

If you have a question about how chiropractic care can help with the symptoms of piriformis syndrome, or other health conditions, contact us today at (970) 377-1775.

How Chiropractic Helps Relieve Tennis Elbow Pain

tenniselbowEven if you have never stepped foot onto a court before, you may end up with tennis elbow. Occurring along the muscle that allows extension of the wrist, it is a painful condition that can linger for weeks or months.

Previously, tennis elbow primarily showed up in athletes. Due to the increased interest in physical fitness, tennis elbow is being found in everyday exercisers, as well as people who perform work-related repetitive motion.

Tennis elbow presents several symptoms. Pain will occur on the outside of the elbow an inch or so down from the bony part. There may also be pain when the individual tries to extend the hand and fingers against resistance. Extreme weakness in the wrist is another symptom.

I have been diagnosed with tennis elbow. Now what?

Tennis elbow is often difficult to diagnose, which can delay treatment. A correct diagnosis of tennis elbow is the first step towards being able to treat the condition and rehab the afflicted area. From there, a variety of treatments for tennis elbow are available. Passive remedies like rest, ice, and arm braces are critical components to healing tennis elbow. Take measures to reduce the movements that aggravate the pain, and use ice at regular intervals to help minimize pain and inflammation.

An arm brace supports and stabilizes the area to promote healing. These remedies assist greatly in treating the condition, especially in the beginning. Active remedies consist of stretching and strengthening exercises and are vital aspects of improving the condition. Individuals suffering from tennis elbow should begin an exercise regimen as soon as the pain allows. Follow a doctor’s recommendation for the rehabilitative program exercises. The goal is to build strength.

An individual dealing with tennis elbow may utilize a variety of medicinal remedies to manage pain and inflammation. Over-the-counter pain relievers and steroid injections are commonly used to treat the condition. Following doctor’s orders when taking medications is strongly recommended.

Complimentary therapies also provide vast improvements in tennis elbow, and these treatments have gained favor in the last few years due to their effectiveness. Regimens of chiropractic, acupuncture and medical massage therapy work on small areas contributing to the condition, and make significant strides in pain reduction and promote the body’s restorative healing process.

Another remedy that offers strong benefits to treating tennis elbow is chiropractic care. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor assesses the condition, then lays out a plan to promote healing. Treatment often includes working to align the bones and treating the surrounding joints so they function at maximum capacity, and can &take up the slack of the injured area while it heals. Chiropractic care serves the dual purpose of treating the condition directly and healing the areas around the injury so that the body continues to strengthen and renew.

In a very small number of cases, the only remedy for tennis elbow is surgery. This is considered as the last straw, once all other forms of treatment have been exhausted. However, the best way to treat tennis elbow is to avoid it in the first place. Be sure to warm up before exercising, consistently perform strengthening exercises, employ correct techniques and proper equipment during physical activity, and don’t overexert your arms (this goes for your entire body) during physical activity.

If you are diagnosed with tennis elbow, it’s essential to understand the variety of treatment options available. The best course is often a blend of more than one remedy. Chiropractic care should be part of your healing process, as it helps decrease pain, reduce healing time, and offers a non-medicinal approach to treating the body as a whole. Call us today at (970) 377-1775. We’re glad to help!

Chiropractic On Par To Prevent Back Pain For Golfers

It’s a warm sunny day and you are on the back nine about to sink a putt. When you swing, your back seizes up with severe pain. The beautiful day of golf turns into painfully riding in the golf cart back to the clubhouse, and you limping painfully to your car.
If you have ever strained your back during a golf game, you are not alone. It’s estimated of the 30 million golfers in the United States, 80% have experienced some sort of back pain. As fun as it is, swinging at golf balls puts an individual’s body in an awkward position, opening up the opportunity for injury.
While some golfers suffer through the pain by popping over-the-counter medications, others back away from playing as often, or stop altogether. There’s another way to combat back injuries caused by golfing, without meds. It’s not a magic wand, it’s chiropractic care!
Golfers are increasingly finding chiropractic care to be a valuable tool to help them deal with back injuries. Here are ways your Fort Collins Chiropractor can help injured golfers get off the couch and back on the green.
Consistent adjustments can avoid injuries in the first place.
Golfing, or any activity, is more enjoyable and causes less chance of injury if an individual’s body is in top condition and operating normally. Periodic spinal adjustments keep the body functioning at maximum capacity, and reduce the chances of being injured. If the neck and back are aligned correctly, awkward positioning such as a golf swing will have a less negative impact.
Chiropractic treatment can reduce a golfer’s back pain.
Back injuries can be extremely painful, and many turn to pain medications to gain relief and comfort. By treating the origin of the pain instead of just the symptoms, Dr. Kleker helps patients manage the pain through manipulations, instead of drugs. Over the course of a few treatments, pain is often drastically diminished and much more manageable.
A golf injury can heal quicker with chiropractic care.
Injuries to the back or neck can heal faster when Dr. Kleker treats them than on their own. An experienced chiropractor can adjust the spine, and also work on the joints and surrounding tissue that can cause pain and hinder healing. Chiropractic evaluation considers the body as a whole. By treating the entire body, it promotes quicker healing of the injury.
Increased mobility can be gained with chiropractic visits.
Golfers who play often as well as those who only play a few times a year know mobility is essential to a good golf game. Stiff joints and a weak back not only mess with the golf game, but can be the very issues that end up causing an injury.
A chiropractic treatment schedule keeps the body loose and strong, and working in optimum fashion. This prevents injuries and increases the chances of playing the game of your life.
Golfers need to realize the sport can cause serious injuries just like other sports such as football and rugby. It’s a good idea to warm up before playing, stay hydrated, and avoid overexertion.
If you are a golfer, chiropractic care is a valuable tool in staying healthy. Regular adjustments and manipulations keep your body on track and performing with maximum mobility at the top of your game. If you do suffer an injury, your Northern Colorado Chiropractor can help you manage your pain and decrease the time it takes to heal.
Contact us today at (970) 377-1775 for more information on how we can help reduce the chance of injury for golfers, and promote healing.

4 Tips To Prevent Low Back Pain While Gardening

screenFor many, gardening is an enjoyable hobby and yard maintenance is a necessary chore. No matter which category you fall in here are a few tips to make sure you prevent any back injuries this Spring.

1. Get Tuned Up. If you haven’t been to a chiropractor lately, Spring is a great time to do it. Usually we recommend that our patients see us whenever they are changing activity type because your body changes the way it moves. For example, the way you use your muscles rake or garden in the summer is completely different than the way you use your muscles to shovel snow in winter. The best way to make sure you prevent low back injuries is It is to make sure your spine is in proper alignment. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor is are happy to help you develop a plan to stay active with your favorite seasonal activities, such as gardening, while remaining pain-free.

2. Use the Right Tools. Using the right tools from the start helps prevent injuries resulting from overly bad posture. Be sure to purchase high quality gardening tools that are ergonomically designed; and use them properly. This makes a huge difference in preventing injuries!

3. Lift Heavy Objects Correctly. This is a no-brainer, but we often find that our patients forget to follow this advice and turn it into a habit. Good lifting and proper posture will help prevent injuries and pain. The reason is that the muscles in your upper leg and buttocks are significantly stronger than your back muscles and were designed to handle heavy lifting.

4. Know Your Limits. It goes without saying, if something hurts while you’re doing an activity, make sure you stop. Be sure to rest and even ice the area, then call to schedule that chiropractic appointment.