Benefits of Combining Medical Massage With Chiropractic Care

medicalmassage-bestmassageforpainwestchesterpaDid you know that there are many benefits from combining medical massage and chiropractic care? These two techniques work together to ensure faster healing, especially after an auto accident. Before we delve into the benefits of combining medical massage with chiropractic care, it is good to know what each of them entails. Chiropractic care is a form of treatment that addresses disorders of the nervous system and the muscles. Methods of chiropractic care include gentle spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and the use of other therapies such as electrical stimulation and traction. Medical massage, on the other hand, is a form of therapeutic treatment whose main use is to alleviate pain and tightness from muscle spasms, tight muscles, and postural dysfunction.
When chiropractic care and medical massage therapy are used together, there are many benefits for those who have neck and back pain. Medical massage therapy can help to increase the success of chiropractic treatment. It does this by relaxing the nervous system and the muscles. Moreover, these two types of treatment can help to alleviate pain registered after connective tissues and muscles in the body become tense. Both the chiropractor and the massage therapist target treatment to the source of the pain to help ensure that this pain is relieved.
Your Northern Colorado Chiropractor
Your Northern Colorado Chiropractor is a specially trained doctor who combines chiropractic care, rehabilitation, therapies and medical massage that can help increase the benefits that his patients receive. Dr. Kleker will carefully examine your injuries and symptoms, then will recommend a detailed treatment that is tailored for your best care. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor can show patients how combining medical massage with chiropractic care offers the best results for patients suffering from chronic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. If you are currently experiencing chronic or acute neck and back pain, contact us today at (970) 377-1775 to see how these safe and gentle treatments can help get you back on your feet and enjoying life again.