Activator Technique: A Unique and Gentle Approach to Chiropractic Care in Northern Colorado

What Is the Activator Technique?

The activator and activator-like tools are a hand held instrument used by Chiropractic doctors that is used to provide a gentle, low impact adjustment to a specific region of the body. This chiropractic technique is used safely and effectively on our patients, oftentimes in lieu of a manual chiropractic adjustment.

Does This Method Really Work?

There have been numerous clinical studies done on the effectiveness of this special technique and they show that this gentle treatment is similar to a Diversified technique manual adjustment. Due to the light impact, more treatments may be needed compared to a manual adjustment.

Is the Activator Method Right For Me?

It is perfectly safe for patients of all ages to be able to receive the benefits of this gentle treatment. It can be especially helpful for older patients with arthritis or osteoporosis, or even patients who are are nervous in general about having their neck manually adjusted.

Dr. Michael Kleker is trained in this technique and will be happy to answer any questions you might have.