4 Huge Ways We Sabotage Our Weight Loss Goals


1. Overnight Weight Loss.

The Myth: “Lose 10 lbs in One Week”  is one common phrase you see in the media and on the covers of magazines.  While this may help sell more fad diet books du jour, it’s simply not realistic and down right unhealthy.
The Bottom Line: How do you expect to lose the weight in a short amount of time that has taken months and even years for you to gain? It usually takes at least four weeks for you to notice small changes in your body and up to at least eight weeks for your family and friends to notice the changes.  Plus sudden weight loss can have a serious negative impact on your health and affect your quality of life.  Instead of obsessing about your appearance, take your weight loss goals one week at a time.  Avoid yo-yo dieting that can mess up your metabolism. Losing 2 lbs per week is a safe and healthy goal to achieve. And remember, the faster the weight loss, the faster it comes back.  The slower and steadier the weight loss, the higher chance you have of keeping it off for good.

2. The Magic Pill.

The Myth: You can take a pill for just about anything, including those pills that will melt fat overnight, right?

The Bottom Line: The sad truth is that there is no “magic bullet” to weight loss.  A healthy lifestyle, including eating right and exercising are the only true ways to lose weight safely.

3.  I’ll Start Next Week.
The Myth: You’ll start next week. Since it’s already Wednesday, you figure you’ll just splurge the rest of the week and then start on Monday.

The Bottom Line: We’ve all done this to ourselves a few times in our lives.  Set a big goal and start making small changes for the better each day until you can fully commit to your plan. Having a support system can also help you stick to your goals.  In fact,studies show that those who have a diet buddy usually have more fun and lose more weight than those who don’t.

4. Go Hard or Go Home.

e Myth: In order to really lose weight you must work out for a few hours each day and reduce your caloric intake levels to 1000 calories per day.  Even better you must have a celebrity trainer yelling at you until you drop or you’re sick.

The Bottom Line:  Unfortunately this type of mentality sets you up for failure from the get-go.  In reality, a severe calorie restriction can work against your body to slow your weight loss down. Instead,even a small daily caloric deficit can result in immediate weight loss. And starting out slow with an exercise regimen, then building up the intensity is the safest way to prevent injuries.

Remember that the key to help us reach our goals is overcoming our negative mind-sets.  The human potential to overcome challenges is awe-inspiring.  So when you decide to set and reach your next weight loss goal, keep it simple, keep it slow and keep it real.