The 12 Days of Health and Wellness


On the twelfth Day of wellness,
My Chiropractor gave to me,
Twelve more months of healthy living,
Eleven medical massages,
Ten full body stretches
Nine spinal adjustments,
Eight hours of sleeping,
Seven days of pain-free movement
Six healthy habits
Five golden acupuncture needles
Four Biofreeeeeze,
Three supplements
Two yoga balls and
                                                                                        One well-adjusted body!

The hectic holiday season is once again upon us and oftentimes we get so busy that taking care of our health becomes the very last priority on your never-ending to-do list.  However, one important thing I’ve learned over the many years of being in practice, is that when we make our health a priority, we have a better quality of life and we’re able to handle stress easier.

This holiday season give the gift of health that keeps on giving to both yourself and your loved ones. Get regular chiropractic care, take time out for a massage, schedule in more down-time, adopt healthier habits and learn the art of living simpler.  Nothing is greater than hearing patients tell me how much better they feel after receiving the care they need.  If you know someone who has been interested in trying out chiropractic, we even have a 50%-Off Coupon you can give them towards their first visit. Our schedule is already starting to book up fast this month though, so don’t wait. Call us today at (970) 377-1775 to set up an appointment for you and your loved ones.