How Much Exercise To Burn Off That Halloween Candy?


Halloween is here and officially marks the beginning of the “Sugar Holidays”.  Sure, it’s fun to indulge a little bit and grab a few “fun size” candies out of the bowl at home or the office.  Those bite-sized little pieces of chocolate sure seem innocent enough.  They’re so small you can probably devour one of them in a single bite.  And before you know it, you’ve most likely consumed quite a few calories without realizing it. When you step on the scale a few days later, the result can be truly frightening!

To help keep you in check this year, we have compiled a list of different Halloween candy and what it takes to burn them off.  So this Halloween, be sure to have fun and enjoy your favorite treats, but at the same time be mindful of what you are consuming.



If end up with back pain from carrying around too much Halloween candy this year, be sure to come in to see your Fort Collins Chiropractor and donate it to our Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Buy-Back Event that’s going on October 31st – November 4th.  You’ll receive $5.00-off your next chiropractic visit for each pound of Halloween candy you bring in.  All of the candy will be shipped overseas to support our troops!



Even if you don’t have any Halloween candy to donate, be sure to stop by Monday, October 31st for our Patient Appreciation Day!  We are celebrating Dr. Kleker’s 35th anniversary this year serving Northern Colorado.  We will have healthy treats, coffee, cider, a coloring contest for the kids and drawings to win some GREAT prizes!