Fort Collins Residents Learn to Finally Move Without Pain

 Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains?  Are your joints stiff and painful?  Have you been in an auto accident?  If you said yes to any of these questions, then Hanna Somatics could greatly help in relieve pain in less than 15 minutes per day!

Hanna Somatic Education, founded by Dr. Thomas Hanna, is a safe and gentle way to help your body eliminate chronic pain and stiffness from common medical conditions such as:

  1. stiff and painful joints and muscles
  2. impaired movement
  3. whiplash and other auto-related injuries
  4. neck and back pain
  5. frozen shoulder syndrome
  6. repetitive use injuries
  7. Sciatica
  8. Breathing issues

Dr. Hanna used his understanding of how the nervous system controls the muscles to develop advanced movement techniques that can benefit people of any age. This highly effective system of movement education can retrain the nervous system to function the way it is designed to and help reawaken the brain’s control of movement.  As a result, it gives people life-long tools with which can help them enjoy greater ease of movement as well as increased flexibility, coordination and balance.


Combined with routine chiropractic care, Hanna Somatics can help patients take control of their health without relying on drugs or other expensive medical treatments.


For further information, check out this book by the lovely Martha Peterson who is a long-time somatics educator in Colorado. To find out how neuromuscular training can help improve your chiropractic adjustments, contact us at (970) 377-1775 for a free consultation.


Peterson, Martha – Essential Somatics 2016