Our Top 10 Favorite Health and Wellness Apps This Summer

Northern Colorado is one of the healthiest regions in the nation.  And here at Aspen Wellness Center, our team is always on the lookout for convenient healthy lifestyle tips, products and apps that are both convenient and fun!  So grab your smartphone and check out our latest finds below.

yonder Yonder – Yelp meets the outdoor enthusiast. Enter your location and you will find dozens of suggestions for outdoor activities near you such as hiking and biking trails, kayaking, skiing, etc.

sworkit Sworkit – This app lets you tell it what kind of workout you’re looking for (strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching) and the amount of time you can spend, and it will promptly deliver the best exercises for maximum efficiency.

pact Pact – If you need more motivation to hit the gym and reach your fitness goals, you can earn money every time you work out. With this app you can set weekly goals called Pacts to exercise more or eat healthier. The app tracks your progress, and pays you for meeting each goal. It can also connect with other popular fitness apps such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal and many others.

water Waterlogged – if you struggle to remember to drink enough water each day, this is a wonderful app designed to help you keep track.  You can choose to record your liquid intake using photos or basic metrics. You can also purchase the premium version of the app also lets view maps and graphs of your recent progress, with an option for setting up extra reminders.

foodFooducate – Grocery shopping meets tech and makes it fun again. With this app, scan barcodes, and get a quick read on how healthy each item is. It also tracks hunger levels, mood and sleep. Then it analyzes all of the information and provides feedback to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

zip Zipongo – this app helps you manage your diet by creating week-by-week meal plans and providing countless healthy recipes tailored to your food preferences and allergy restrictions. It also provides you with coupons and daily deals on health foods at local grocery stores.

ing Ingredient1 – This app is perfect for those who have dietary restrictions and find constant label checking to be time-consuming and tedious. You can tell it about your typical diet and restricted foods, and it will give you many different food product options to choose from that fit your criteria fit your criteria. It will also find stores nearby where you can buy the food products.

medMeditation Studio – This app by Gaiam offers many different types of guided meditations designed for your goals, whether it’s to reduce anxiety and stress or increase happiness, or gratitude.

happ Happify – This is an extremely popular app that states that it is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for increasing emotional health and well-being.

synp Symple – This app approved by doctors lets you track and keep a journal of up to 10 symptoms at once, take photos, record medications and other factors for long periods of time. It also has an easy export feature so you can pass the information along to your doctor for review.

heal HealthTap – In exchange for a monthly membership fee, this app sends your question about a pressing medical concern to its network of doctors.  Within a few hours one will answer your questions via live video chat or text messaging. HealthTap also comes with a library of information on common ailments, so you be better informed about picking the best treatment for your condition.  For a monthly membership fee you can choose to have unlimited video and text chatting with doctors.