6 Amazing Acupressure Points For Stress Relief

acupressure-points-for-constipationThere are numerous physical and emotional disorders that can occur from having too much stress in our lives. Stress can have a serious affect on increasing muscle tension, lowering immunity, and compromising digestion and heart health . A popular belief among medical professionals is that it can even contribute to causing autoimmune diseases and even cancer.

There is help, however. Acupressure is a great way to help reduce the debilitating effects of stress. It follows much of the same guidelines that acupuncture does, which is based on traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) methods. According to TCM, when energy pathways in the body called meridian points have energy blockages, there is a stagnation of qi (pronounced chi), which can lead to illness and disease. While acupuncture uses very fine needles to stimulate the meridian points, acupressure uses the application of pressure for 2-3 minutes. This method also serves to stimulate healing within the body.


Several acupressure points that are beneficial in reducing stress and the symptoms of stress in the body are:

  1. Sea of Tranquility Point (CV17) – is located 4 finger-widths up from the bottom of the sternum. Gentle pressure on this point helps to transform negative emotions and balance the entire emotional system.
  1. Third Eye Point – is located between the eyebrows. Gentle pressure on this point helps to bring a feeling of relaxation to the face and head.
  1. Lung 1– Located 3 finger widths below the lateral third of the clavicle, this point is known as Letting Go. Excellent for grief, Lung 1 is also great for moving blocked energy, or qi, when we become stressed. This point is commonly used to treat fatigue, anxiety, and depression. This point also allows us to take a deep breath, which is a great way to beat stress!
  2. Large Intestine 4 – This point is located in the webbing between the thumb and index finger and is great for reducing muscle tension, headaches, dental pain and stress.

     5. Gallbladder 20– this meridian point is located in the occiput just under the back of the skull. Gentle pressure is used to relieve muscle tension, headache and neck stiffness.

     6. Inner Gate (Pericardium 6)– this meridian point is located three finger-widths up from the center of the wrist crease (palm side) between the bones. Gentle pressure on this point is excellent for inducing calmness if a person is feeling upset.

Regular sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet also go a long way in managing and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Getting routine chiropractic care and medical massage are also vital to helping you reduce stress and helping the body to perform at its optimal best. Call us today at 970-377-1775 if you or a loved one need help on learning how to manage your stress levels.