5 Tips to Balance Both Your Health and Your Life This Holiday Season


Balancing the demands of a hectic schedule is a challenging thing to do, especially during the holidays.There are so many reasons that come up this time of year that can easily undermine our efforts to take care of our health.  Between work, school, extra errands and other extracurricular activities, we often end up feeling tired and sleep deprived. Before too long, our schedules become packed, bad food choices are made, workouts get shoved aside, and the pounds start creeping on.

However, there are quick, painless ways to make healthy choices despite a hectic schedule this season.

1.Don’t Skip Breakfast.  Eating breakfast within an hour of waking helps to ensure that your blood sugar stays stable all day long, which means fewer sugar cravings throughout the day.

A protein smoothie, healthy egg muffin and overnight oats are all great make ahead meals that you can grab and go in the morning if you’re pressed for time.

2.Pack Your Lunch At Least 3 Times A Week. After a hectic week between work and home, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to catch the shortest line of the nearest fast food joint over lunchtime. Not only does this add pounds to your waistline, it also helps decrease your wallet as well. Be prepared.  Getting up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to pack a healthy lunch or meal prepping for a few days ahead of time are great ways to avoid the temptations of making bad food choices throughout the day.  When you DO eat out, try to keep the heavier, fatty foods like burgers and fries as occasional treats.  During the week, sticking to restaurant options that fill you up on veggies, healthy proteins and slow carbs such as brown rice or quinoa.  They won’t leave you feeling sluggish and tired by 3pm.

 3.Schedule In Workouts.  You do it for your meetings, dentist appointments and birthday parties. Why not make a date with yourself and schedule in your workouts as well?  Studies show that when you write down a goal, it will help keep you motivated and accountable. If you don’t see it scheduled on your calender, it’s easier to just skip it.

 4.And While You’re At It.….make sure you pencil in some time on your calender for at least an hour or two each week for self-care.  Going for a walk, painting, meditating, doing yoga or taking a hot bath are great ways to unwind and reconnect with yourself. 

5.Get Regular Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy. Along those lines, it’s easy to shove your own needs aside this time of year when you develop neck and back pain.  Constantly popping pain meds only masks the symptoms and over time, can have a damaging effect on your stomach and liver.  Instead, schedule a chiropractic or massage session as soon as you feel any pain in your body developing.  Treating the actual cause of your neck or back pain can help you get back on track fast.  Your Fort Collins Chiropractor is here to help keep you feeling your best throughout the hustle and bustle of this upcoming holiday season.  Call today at (970) 377-1775 to schedule your next wellness visit.