4 Tips To Prevent Low Back Pain While Gardening

screenFor many, gardening is an enjoyable hobby and yard maintenance is a necessary chore. No matter which category you fall in here are a few tips to make sure you prevent any back injuries this Spring.

1. Get Tuned Up. If you haven’t been to a chiropractor lately, Spring is a great time to do it. Usually we recommend that our patients see us whenever they are changing activity type because your body changes the way it moves. For example, the way you use your muscles rake or garden in the summer is completely different than the way you use your muscles to shovel snow in winter. The best way to make sure you prevent low back injuries is It is to make sure your spine is in proper alignment. Your Fort Collins Chiropractor is are happy to help you develop a plan to stay active with your favorite seasonal activities, such as gardening, while remaining pain-free.

2. Use the Right Tools. Using the right tools from the start helps prevent injuries resulting from overly bad posture. Be sure to purchase high quality gardening tools that are ergonomically designed; and use them properly. This makes a huge difference in preventing injuries!

3. Lift Heavy Objects Correctly. This is a no-brainer, but we often find that our patients forget to follow this advice and turn it into a habit. Good lifting and proper posture will help prevent injuries and pain. The reason is that the muscles in your upper leg and buttocks are significantly stronger than your back muscles and were designed to handle heavy lifting.

4. Know Your Limits. It goes without saying, if something hurts while you’re doing an activity, make sure you stop. Be sure to rest and even ice the area, then call to schedule that chiropractic appointment.