3 Natural Ways to Help Boost Your Immune System

winterIn today’s fast-paced society, we’re bombarded with various forms of stress that can wreck havoc on our immune systems. Chiropractors are particularly interested in helping their chiropractic patients overcome these stressors in order to maintain a healthy and balanced life. Outside of the chiropractic adjustment, let’s take a look at three nutritional tips that will help chiropractic patients boost their immune system.
Chiropractic patients’ immune systems run their best when subluxations, also know as vertebral misalignments, are corrected. However, a proper diet can’t be ignored. By combining both forces, your immune system is better equipped to ward off many contaminants that try to invade the body through normal day-to-day activity.
Nutritional Tip #1 — Get Your Vitamin D
1. Vitamin D is known for strengthening bones and teeth by helping the body absorb calcium. People who get too little vitamin D may develop soft, thin, and brittle bones, a condition known as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.
But did you know that it is also known to offer sufficient protection against a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases like cancer? In addition, it improves the body’s natural response to bacterial infections like tuberculosis and helps to increase the production of antimicrobial peptides which are very important in boosting the immunity.
Since each patient’s health situation is different, ask your chiropractor how much vitamin D you need for optimal health.
Nutritional Tip #2 — Get Your Fruits and Veggies
One of the best ways to boost your immune system is to incorporate several servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day.
Vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels (all from the brassica family) produce chemicals that are know to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and boost the body’s immune system. One great way to make sure you’re getting all of your vegetables for the day is through juicing. If you’re new to juicing, check out this great resource :https://www.pinterest.com/aspenwellness/juicing-recipes/
Nutritional Tip #3 — Avoid Excess Alcohol
Most chiropractic patients are health-conscious. However, new chiropractic patients may be oblivious to the entire concept since our society is geared more toward sickness care instead of healthcare. Regardless, maintaining a healthy diet is absolutely essential to maintaining a strong immune system. One way to do this is by reducing alcohol consumption.
Why? Because research has proven that alcohol can cause immunodeficiencies that, in return, can make you more susceptible to tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia and many other communicable diseases. So enjoy your wine or beer, but remember that limited amounts mean a stronger immune system.
To discover more nutritional tips that will help you build a stronger immune system, make sure you talk to your Fort Collins Chiropractor. He has specialized training in nutrition and would love to help guide you toward a more healthy lifestyle through safe and effective chiropractic care!